PR and Marketing is not soley for large firms and corporations. The most successful SME's are those that promote and market their brands and services. BYTESIZE can help you achieve your goals with professional services at affordable prices

    We provide traditional PR services and are experts in Social Media and online promotion
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    Are you posting updates late at night to Facebook? Loading photos to Pinterest with no clear strategy or do you wonder if you are engaging with your online audiences?

    Our Social Media management packages could be the answer to the ever expanding and time consuming world of social media...
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    Marketers and PR professionals are no longer only buying media time or sending stories to journalists. They are also creating and publishing their own content online. An entertaining short video showcasing your company's services or an informative monthly ezine can often engage with customers in a more immediate and effective way than traditional advertising.
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Small Business Marketing Isn’t a Cost because IT MAKES A PROFIT!

ByteSize PR provides PR and Marketing Services to Small to Medium Sized Enterprises in Ireland. We specialise in producing engaging and relevant marketing and PR campaigns for our clients which are also cost effective.

An effective marketing and PR strategy is even more important in recessionary times when more retailers and companies are chasing fewer customers.

Social media is increasingly important in influencing consumer buying decisions, both online and in-store, while purchasers have a growing wish to be able to buy products through their mobile phones, according to a 2011 IBM European study.

50% of respondents use social networks to help with their shopping decisions

We are experts in Social Media Management and we can help your company engage with consumers and audiences online by producing engaging and informative content. It is no longer acceptable to blanket email your customers with boring marketing speak or to update your Facebook status everyday with mundane content. People switch off.
We can show you how to build a loyal following on line and so increase your website and social media profile online.

If you want to connect with female consumers 35+ and mothers, online click here